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You Can!

It's easy using our mould & cutter sets....

Petunia Multi Set 

Super versatile, this set will enable you to make flowers for cupcakes, cookies as well as larger cakes. The petunia mould was already our best seller - We have added extra 5 cutters. 

Many of our fans say that this is their go to set for creating icing flowers.

Cutter sizes are from 35mm down to 15mm.  Great for some larger petunia flowers but also lots of cute little flower too.  

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Want to know a little secret?

The cake decorators secret (I guess, not so secret now!) to creating gorgeous flowers is....... to use the correct modelling icing.  I like to use mostly ready made sugarpaste or rolled fondant and add a hardening agent such as CMC or Tylose. 

You can buy the icing from most supermarkets and the hardening agent from cake decorating supply stores. This hardening agent when mixed into the icing will turn your icing into an elastic, easy to work with hard drying modelling paste. 

If you just use regular fondant the decorations will be too soft and sticky, they will not dry hard either... 

Or you can use modelling chocolate or marzipan! Yum!  But I know not everyone likes marzipan... I seem to eat way too much when I am making marzipan flowers!  

I like to cut out my shapes by rolling over the cutter with my acrylic rolling pin. You can use you hands instead if you prefer to press down. DO NOT use one of those white plastic rolling pins to do this as it will end up with lots of dings in it and be unusable. (you can try a small glass bottle for this technique).

Some decorators like to grease the mould lightly with vegetable fat, others prefer cornflour or cornstarch. Up to you!

I like to dry my flowers in a white plastic paint palette, found cheaply at an art shop, pound shop or craft store.  You may dry your flowers on a crumpled tea towel, or kitchen towel to give them shape as they dry.  



Why Choose Us?

-  Create quick and easy flowers in icing, marzipan or modelling chocolate. 

-  Original UK design. 

-  The two part moulds give highly detailed impressions on both sides of the icing to create a more realistic flower.

-  Premium Quality - non stick food safe silicone & stainless steel cutters.

-  Dishwasher safe.

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