Petunia - 5 different ways

I'd love to show you a few more flowers using the Petunia Multi Set. 

The most popular design hands down - so versatile, no wonder many decorators say it is their go-to set for creating quick and easy flowers.  

1. Starting with a basic petunia,  dust some pale green colour into the centre (in a small circular motion). Then working outwards dust along each central vein of each petal. (Always use edible dusts!)

I have dusted the centre and veins with peach edible lustre. Finally a small ball of pink icing / hand rolled for the centre. To make it stay in place you can touch the centre with a damp paint brush before placing the ball.  Some decorators prefer to use edible glue.  

See video below for dusting the colour onto the flower.  I like to colour my flowers before they are completely dried.

2.  Two coloured flowers. You can easily create these by rolling out two contrasting colours of icing, placing them on top of each other before cutting out your shape.   To finish I have used a silver dragee or pearl in the centre.

Below is a video showing how to use 2 colours in making flowers. (shown using the Primula mould) I like to roll over the top of the cutter with my Acrylic rolling pin. This is helpful if you are making lots and lots of flowers. Helps prevent tired hands!  Do not try this with one of those white plastic rolling pins as it will mark the rolling pin.  You can use your hands to press down and cut out the shapes or try a small glass bottle as a rolling pin.

3. Sweet little filler flowers, I have doubled up in different colours to create interest.  They would be perfect for your next batch of cupcakes :-)

To make these I find it easiest to place the small cut out flower shape onto the raised side of the mould.  Then fold over and press down.  Use a little water to join the flowers together before they dry. 

4. Create 3D flowers!  Mix and match with the flowers to see how many different variations you can achieve.

5. These cute filler flowers are made with the 4 petal small cutter.  I rolled out purple and blue modelling paste separately, then place the blue on top of the purple and roll some more.  Cut out your flower shapes, pop into the mould and hey presto 2 colour flowers.  Roll some little mini balls in purple to finish.

All the flowers on this cake below were made using the Multi Petunia Set.  My favourites are the little lime green 4 petal ones down the bottom with the blue edges and pink centres.  Which ones are your favourite?

(I rolled out blue icing, then lime green.  Place the lime green on top of the blue and roll some more.  Cut out your flower shapes and place into the mould to press down.  I then dusted the centre with some Matt Pale Pink Edible Petal Dust. 

PS.  The Petunia mould will also be useful for your festive bakes. Stay tuned for Christmas decorating later in the year.

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  • Blossom Sugar Art on

    Hi Carole, thank you for the lovely feedback! So glad you enjoy using the molds! 🥰

  • Carole Homer on

    Luv using my molds. Can’t wait to get some others. They look so professional. Can’t believe I made them. thank you

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