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Check out the lovely work by the very talented artist Tracey Percy, co-owner with her husband Rob, of Cake Origin. I love looking at the gorgeous cakes she creates on Facebook and Instagram! 

Tracey and Rob own and run Cake Origin, a business they set up in 2018 when they were both made redundant. They both bake, but Tracey is the artist doing all the decorating. 

Together they are a fabulous team doing what they do best, creating the most amazing cakes.Tracey says, "It’s finally enabled me to put my art degree to good use after working in banking for over 20 years!!!"   

All photos courtesy of Cake Origin

Cake origin - Tracey and Rob

Below Tracey has used our Blossom Multi Set and Petunia Multi Set to make some very pretty flowers for a name plaque. (The name Lucy was created using Sweet Stamps by Amy Cakes)

cake origin flowers cake decorating
Lucy Cake - cake decorated with fondant flowers

Tracey's Top Tips

"I’d say that my favourite products (after having tried many!) are Saracino modelling pastes. This is what I use with Blossom Sugar Art, and not rolled too thin. It doesn’t rip or tear, holds its shape within seconds, and colours amazingly well."

"My other tip for beginners is to invest in good quality fondant. I always use Massa Ticino, as for me, you can’t beat it, and you can roll it nice and thin without any problems." 

"Make sure you have a good quality smooth gliding turntable as this will make everything easier! I like to use a heavy metal one." 

 "Finally... don’t give up! If you make a mistake, learn from it, try and understand what went wrong; and do something different next time. Everyone makes mistakes, even professionals have bad days too and it’s important to remember that."

Cake Origin decorating cakes


From Cupcakes to Wedding Cakes, Cake Origin are passionate about producing cakes that not only taste delicious but look absolutely incredible.


dinosaur cake - cake origin
sweet flowers - cake origin

Their website is 

Tracey and Rob also have a store in Leicester which is currently closed, but they hope to re-open at the end of the month. 

To see more of their fab work, take a look at their Instagram page @cakeorigin or their Facebook page @cakeorigin

Pretty cupcakes - cake origin UK

I loooove looking at the gorgeous cakes she creates. The buttercream skills are heavenly! I could stare at these swirly cupcakes for hours! So beautiful!!  Tracey is well known for her amazing buttercream piping skills. The cupcake arrangements are divine!!

cupcake flower arrangement

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