Making Flowers with two colours

Two Colour flowers

Rolling out two colours of icing is a quick and easy way to create stunning fondant flowers.  Perfect for birthday cupcakes!  Here I am using the Primula mould.  


1.  Roll out blue icing and then roll out pink Icing separately.  Place the pink icing on top of the blue icing. Roll again to make the colours join together.

 Rolling out icing

2.  Cut out flower shape. 

Cut out flower

3.  Place cut out shape on top of the mould.  

Place shape on top of mould

4.  Press down on mould. 

Press down

5.  Peel off the flower from the mould. 

Peel off flower

6.  Colour with edible lustre dust if desired. Here I am using Pearl White. The flowers are being dried in an artist's palette. You can pick them up cheaply at art or discount stores.


Colour with lustre dust


Watch the quick video below to see the steps in motion. you don't have to press down as firmly as I have here. The modelling icing I am using is very stiff.


Below is the Snow Rose made using pink icing on the bottom and white on the top. I love how when you press down the icing the pink shows on the edges and in the veins of the petals.

Snow Rose

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