How to Make Stunning Wildflower Cakes and Bakes for Weddings and Birthdays



Wildflower cake - daisies butterflies primrose leaves buttercream cake

Hey, have you noticed there seems to be a trend for wildflowers on everything? Including wildflower cake!


Wildflowers make up amazing habitats to support all kinds of wildlife. They seem to have found their way into the spotlight recently because climate change and conservation are so high on the world’s agenda. These little flowers, like daisies, primrose and clover might look small and wispy but they’re pretty mighty when it comes to sustaining wildlife.

At Blossom Sugar Art we love a bit of decoration with flowers and butterflies. That’s why in this post I’m going to show you how to make a showstopping wildflower cake for a wedding or birthday. It’s a way not just to celebrate the good times, but also how awesome these little flowers really are.


Wildflowrer cake
Wildflower cake


First of all, you need delicious cake…


It goes without saying that if you’re going to make a showstopping cake, you need a delicious base and I think you can’t get better than a classic Victoria Sponge.


The pastry chefs at Buckingham Palace recently made their secret Victoria sponge recipe public and you can find it here. This is the ACTUAL recipe they’d use for a royal garden party! And if it’s good enough for the Queen, that’s good enough for me.


If you want to go all out and make a tiered cake, then you might need to invest in some wooden dowels or thick straws made especially for the job. Tiered cakes can be heavy and you don’t want all the weight resting on the bottom cake with the fear of it squashing.


There are lots of videos on Youtube to show you how to use plastic or wooden dowels to make sure that your showstopping, tiered cake doesn’t go anywhere.

I ended up baking two 8 inch cakes and slicing them each into halves before filling with freshly whipped cream, blueberries, cut strawberries and raspberries.  I love fresh berry cakes in the summertime!


Wildflower cake with strawberry filling


And for the buttercream....


I decided on using a more heat stable buttercream and went for Italian Meringue Buttercream. There is a nice recipe here. 


I crumb coated the berry filled cake, and then gave it a final coat.  I also coloured some in ivory shades and a leaf green shade for piping my leaves and plant stems.

Crumb coating buttercream cake
Buttercream for wildflower cake

I made two small piping bags out of grease-proof paper and filled them with the green buttercream.  One of them I cut a little of the tip off - for the grass.  The other I cut a V shape out of the top, this will give you a leaf shape when you pipe onto the cake.


Piping bags buttercream leaves
piping buttercream leaves wildflower cake
Piping leaves wildflower cake

Wildflower cakes lend themselves to the rustic organic style. Don't worry too much about perfection and just have fun creating.  (If I make a mistake I usually hide it with a flower)


Wildflower cake buttercream


And here’s how you make the wildflowers…


There are so many ways you could add a wildflower theme to your cake but our flowers are going to be made using Blossom Art daisy and primrose cutters and silicone moulds.


This is so easy to do using modelling icing. You can either make your own (if you’re not sure how, I’m going to show you in another post) or just buy ready-made modelling paste.  Much easier and in comes already coloured.  


You can buy the icing from most supermarkets and the hardening agent from cake decorating supply stores. This edible hardening agent such as CMC or Tylose, when mixed into the icing will turn your icing into an elastic, easy to work with hard drying modelling paste.


If you just use regular fondant the decorations will be too soft and sticky, they will not dry hard either...


I usually take a small ball of icing and knead in a little of the CMC powder until the icing becomes firmer and elastic.

 Some decorators like to leave it overnight before using. You will need to rework the icing as it may be crumbly. Don't worry, it will soon become pliable again. If you have added too much hardening agent - just mix in a little more of the rolled fondant.

wildflower daisy cake
Primrose Wildflower cakes fondant flowers


For the small butterflies,  I pinched the wings as I took them off the mould to give them a pointed shape.  I then dusted pale blue edible pearl dust on and a darker green colour close to the body.


Butterfly wildflower cake
Butterflies dusted with lustre dust


A couple of do’s and don’ts about making your wildflowers…


Don’t store them in the fridge because they’ll get soft. You need to add your flowers after the cake’s already out of the fridge.


Don’t add flowers onto fresh cream either as they’ll start to melt, but onto buttercream is fine.


Don’t let your cats near your flowers! Some cats love to eat the pre-made flowers so store them in a box out of direct sunlight and the hardened sugar will be good for months.


So what do you fancy making? I hope this post inspires you to wildflower cakes and bakes or for more inspiration, why not head over to our Instagram account.


wildflower cake berries


Wildflower buttercream cake sliced


wildflower buttercream cake garden setting


wildflower cake garden



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