Hope & Choc Chip Banana Bread

A Delicious Choc Chip Banana Bread Recipe to Make for the Ones You Love Most

At the start of this year it would’ve been hard to imagine that flour and sugar would ever be hard to come by. Yet since coronavirus arrived, people have been seeking comfort and security like never before. 

 Where have they been looking for it? Baking.

Today I’m excited to share a recipe for choc chip banana bread that’s full of heart. I’ve always known that baking was good for the soul, right since me and my sisters shared homemade bakes together as little girls (more of that coming up later).

When you bake it’s not just about throwing a few things into a bowl, mixing it up and banging it in the oven. Baking is about love and soul and comfort, relieving stress and creating the kind of delicious aromas that can take you back to a time and place in an instant.

In recent days, goodies left on NHS workers doorsteps or a handmade loaf sent to a vulnerable neighbour; these things have spelled out care and thought for others. In the world of coronavirus and isolation from the people we love, we’ve never needed baking more.

Let me share a short story about how baking can bring hope…. 

Back in March I got a lovely message from Kristie, a friend of my sister, Susannah. 

We lost dear Sus last summer after a short battle with cancer but getting this message made me think of her amazing, mega watt smile and inspired me to an afternoon of baking with my kids.

Here’s the message I received: 

 Hello Louisa, 

 I hope this finds you well.

 I just wanted to share with you that I love baking and I reckon about 18-20 years ago Sus shared with me a recipe for choc chip banana bread. I’ve been making it ever since. 

 At the time I was just moving out of home and was gifted a recipe journal. I was just starting out and this recipe is on page 3. Sus made it one day and brought it into work. We demolished it and she then gave me the recipe! 

 In amongst all this craziness, I needed to get back to basics this afternoon, and I had three very ripe bananas - so of course I made Susannah’s banana bread! I enjoyed baking it and thinking of my dear friend. She made me smile. Then my kids ate it while I told them about your beautiful sister..

 I just want you to know that Sus is very much here in spirit for many different people, in lots of different ways. You and your family are often in my thoughts. As is Susannah. Take care x 

See what I mean? 

In a world where we’re forced to be apart, baking is still bringing people together.

And now, here’s Susannah's recipe… 

It seemed only right that I should share this precious recipe for choc chip banana bread with you. It really is the ultimate bake for taking leftovers that no one fancies and turning them into something delicious and comforting. 

You can download the recipe here and when you’ve made the bread, why not come over to our Facebook page? It’s a brilliant, friendly place full of like-minded people where you’re sure to pick up plenty of tips and inspiration. See you there!  

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  • Louisa Russell on

    Thank you for all the lovely comments ♥ Much appreciated!

  • Melissa Silvester on

    Thanks for sharing Lou! What a lovely story. I’ll make it with the kids. Melissa x

  • Elissa Jones on

    Food is definitely better shared. Thank you for telling us this touching story -guess what I will be baking this weekend with my girls?

  • Rebekah Palmer on

    This is a delicious story in every way. I have a beautiful friend you told me once after we shared a meal that ‘it is good when your heart and stomach are full’. This story fills my heart and stomach. Thankyou for sharing this!

  • Shannon - Kristie’s big sIster on

    Reading that just made my day! Kristie shared this recipe with me years and years ago and it’s our go to recipe when we have over ripe bananas.
    It was actually one of the first recipes my son learnt to make on his own and is a firm favourite in our home.
    Thank you for sharing ❤️
    I’ve just renamed it ‘Susannah’s Banana Bread‘ in my recipe book xx

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