Easy-to-Use Baking Accessories for an Autumn Pastry Pie


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At Blossom Sugar Art we’re known for easy-to-use baking accessories which make light work of decorating cakes. But did you know, our moulds and cutters also work with pastry?


Baking has kept so many of us sane in 2020 and with the arrival of autumn there’s little more satisfying than a delicious pastry pie.


If you’ve ever wondered how to decorate with pastry, this post is a brand new take on a pie with pastry flowers that looks incredible and tastes delicious. The beautiful peach creation was made by one of our lovely customers Svetlana and shared on Facebook.

Peach pie


A few easy tips for perfect pastry


A basic shortcrust pastry only takes a few ingredients and they’re almost certainly sitting in your cupboard right now.


For an easy recipe, you won’t go far wrong with this one. The combination of butter and shortening gives a nice, crisp texture and with a few simple tips your pastry will turn out great.  Remember though, that you need to have a little extra pastry depending on the amount of decoration you’re planning to add to the pie.


Now for those tips:


i) When it comes to handling pastry ingredients, it’s best to work quick and light. If you overwork pastry by kneading it too much, the texture can become a bit stodgy and tough.


ii) Make sure that the butter or shortening is nice and cold. Try to keep your hands cool and even try putting your baking accessories in the fridge before you use them.  Cool temperatures will help to create a light, crumbly pastry.


iii) Be careful with the amount of water you add because too much will make your pastry hard. Add just enough ice water to make the dough soft and manageable.


Apple pie hearts pastry flowers


Use Blossom Art baking accessories to make pastry flowers


We’ve all seen leaf shapes or a pastry lattice on top of a pie before, but how about pastry flowers?


Follow the steps of your chosen pie recipe, filling with whatever’s in season, until you’re at the stage before it’s about to go in the oven.  I chose to make apple pie.  Some in heart shapes and some in little ramekins topped with a pastry lid.


Now here’s how to make those pastry flowers.

i) Roll out your left-over pastry until it’s about 0.3 - 0.5cm thick. Any thinner and you run the risk of your pastry snapping and breaking. Our hydrangea set makes a good choice for autumn decoration as the flowers have usually bloomed and faded to a soft colour by this time of year but you could choose any set to make your flowers.

ii) Using the stainless steel cutter included as your pastry cutter, cut out your flower shape and press gently into the mould, making sure you pick up all the detail. Put to one side as you create the next flower (I like to use a clean, plastic artist’s palette to store my flowers as I make them).


making flowers with pastry
mini apple pie flowers



iii) Once you’ve created all your flowers, apply carefully to your pie crust, using a little water or milk as the glue to stick them down. Think in advance about how you want your arrangement to look. Flowers all over, or just spreading across one edge?


iv) If you like, brush your pie and flowers lightly with an egg wash to make all those little edges catch and crisp in the oven.


flower mold pastry flowers apple pie


apple pie baking with flower decoration

baked apple pie with pastry flowers



The thing I love most of all about our cutter and mould sets is just how versatile they are to use. Not only do they work brilliantly with pastry, they’re perfect for fondant flowers or even craft projects with clay.


Just make sure you don’t put a clay flower on top of your pie…


For more inspiring ways to use our baking accessories, take a look here.


flower mini apple pie decoration



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  • Elissa Jones on

    Wow -these are gorgeous. What a clever idea.

  • Kate Butler on

    What a brilliant idea…….all we need to do is start thinking outside the box.its given me loads of ideas….love all my cutters.

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