Easy, Edible Christmas Cake Decorations for the Most Beautiful Festive Bakes



Christmas Cake decorating

If you’re fairly new to baking, the idea of decorating a Christmas cake or set of festive treats might fill you with dread. At this point in 2020 Christmas might still be all up in the air, but if you’re planning on guests then I want to help take the pressure off. 

Far from being the stuff that nightmares are made of, I’ve got easy tips to make Christmas cake decorations that are versatile enough to put on all kinds of bakes. Not only can you wow the crowd and feel proud of your baking, but you’ll be calm and in control to enjoy the occasion.


Mince Pies

The key to easy Christmas cake decorations is…

Advance planning. That’s the first thing you need to do to get ahead of the curve.

Make sure you start no later than early November since rich fruit cakes are easy to make, mature and decorate well ahead of time and that can save you some stress down the line. 

I love to decorate my Christmas bakes with winter flowers which are so easy to make and can be stored for up to a month in an airtight, tupperware container. Make well ahead of time so that you can split your workload up into stages and just bring out the fondant flowers when it’s time to decorate. 

If you’re stuck for ideas then Pinterest is a great place to start - just make sure you set a timer so you don’t get lost there forever!


 Christmas Cake

Christmas cake decorations that celebrate the winter garden

One of the loveliest beauties in our British winter gardens is the hellebore, commonly known as a ‘Christmas rose’. When everything else has gone to sleep over, this delicate flower brings some pale colour and hope to a garden full of bare branches. 

The Christmas rose mould and cutter set is a stunning and easy way to add winter flowers to your Christmas cake. Place single flowers in an off-centre design or create an entire cascade of roses down one side of the cake. Winter white fondant icing, dusted with a touch or edible silver or gold shimmer, looks especially beautiful. 

How to make winter flowers for festive mince pies

Winter flowers made from fondant icing can also take festive mince pies up a level. I like this easy recipe from Paul Hollywood for Christmas mince pies which has a lovely short pastry and lemon zest for some festive flavour. 


The petunia multi set helps you to make tiny winter flowers in fondant icing which saves you hours of work trying to ice fancy designs by hand where results aren’t always guaranteed. 


Simply roll out your fondant icing, choose one of the cutters and press into the mould. With a variety of sizes and shapes it’s easy to layer up your petals and get creative with your designs. 

 Mince pies decorated with flowers

So what will you make this Christmas? Find our snow rose flower cutter and mould set here



 How to make flowers using the Petunia Multi Set

I used modelling icing to make the flowers. The red and green shop bought icing was a little sticky, so I added a bit of CMC or Tylose to it to make it drier and easier to work with.

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