3 Tips for Easy Fondant Flowers

Easy Fondant flowers - my top tips

So today I am writing about how to stop your icing from sticking to the moulds when you make flowers, and also how to make the look amazing for little effort with a pop of colour.  My top 3 tips in no particular order for easy fondant flowers are....


1.  Use the correct modelling icing.  You can either buy shop bought modelling icing, mexican paste, gumpaste, sugarflower paste or you can make your own.  If you were to use regular fondant / sugarpaste the flowers would be too soft and stick and not dry.    You can always add Tylose to your fondant to make a quick and easy modelling paste. You can read about it here. 


Watch the quick video below to see the different consistency in the icing. 



2.  Grease is the word!  Use some vegetable fat on your mold, board, rolling pin.  I like to use coconut oil as it is solid but others use Trex or a white vegetable fat found in your supermarket.

Depending on where you are in the world taking heat and humidity into consideration, you may prefer to use corn starch / cornflour or powdered sugar to roll out your icing and to dust the moulds.  If you do decide on cornstarch, please use it only for cakes that are to be consumed within a day or so.  The carbohydrates in the cornflour will start to ferment when they come into contact with the moisture of the cake.    

When I was in bakery school many years ago I was told about a wedding cake where the baker had rolled out the marzipan layer with cornstarch.  A year later when it was customary to eat the saved top tier, the unlucky couple had found the cake had spoiled. Uggh!


3.  Add Colour! A pop of colour to the flower using coloured edible dusts.  Just adding a tiny bit of colour can really bring out the details in the flowers. I seem to have a thing for lustre dusts as I just love shiny and sparkly things.  You may prefer to use matt dusts to end up with a more realistic flower. 

You can dust when the item has just been made or when it is fully dried. Just make sure you are using edible products and not the craft dusts.  You can dust on dry or mix the coloured powder with a little water or alcohol for making a paint.  Below I have used this method to brush onto the lily in a pink dust, then used the same dust to make a paint for the lily spots.


Lily flower dusing stargazer flower

 painting lily spots stargazer

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